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Dr. Jeff Bunn
Dr. Stephanie Rubie
Dr. Todd Shaarda

Why Does My Horse Need Well Care?

These days it takes an entire team to care for your horse - i.e. your veterinarian, your farrier, perhaps a barn manager or trainer, the feed salesman and you.  Equine Medical wants to be the team leader for the health care and wellness of your horse.  Our wellness program offers you a variety of services at a reasonable price.  You will no longer have to worry about your horse’s health care needs.  Our office staff will contact you to set up the necessary appointments.

The cornerstone of our wellness program is the physical exam.  During the physical exam, our doctor will thoroughly examine your horse’s mouth, eyes, ears, legs, heart, lungs, and evaluate intestinal motility.  At this time we also evaluate nutrition, body condition, and environment.  This is the time when you are able to express any concerns you may have and ask the doctor questions.  We will then administer vaccinations and collect fecal samples.

Good quality dental care is also key to maintaining a healthy horse.  Our wellness program will provide a dental prophylaxis, including sedation, in the fall.

We believe that well care can be a major deterent to colic.  So, as an added incentive, if your horse should require hospitalization for the treatment of colic, we will deduct 10% from the total bill if the horse has been hospitalized at our clinic.  This will apply to both surgically and medically treated colics.  Typically, the costs for hospitalization of a colic patient can range from $1000 to $8000.  Enrollment of your horse in our wellness program could easily save you from $100-$800. 

When your horse is enrolled in the wellness program, you have the peace of mind that you are providing your horse with exceptional health care.  We believe that by emphasizing preventative health care, your horse will have a much greater opportunity to maintain good health and perform at its absolute best.

The Objectives of Well Care

  • A solid client/patient/veterinarian relationship is developed.  Our  doctors get to know you and your horse before you may need emergency care.

  • You have the peace of mind that your horse is receiving the very best well care available.

  • Good preventative health care under the direction of an equine veterinarian significantly reduces the chances that your horse will require costly treatment for colic and other serious illnesses.

  • Our goal is to make preventative medicine accessible for all of our clients. By giving a discount on all services, our veterinarians will be able to work with the client to customize a health care plan for each individual horse, while the client saves money.

Equine Medical’s Wellness Program

Equine Medical will provide the following services for your horse in a calendar year:

1. Two farm calls.
2. A comprehensive annual physical exam.
3. Immunizations which include:

    • Eastern & Western Encephalomyelitis\
    • Tetanus Toxoid
    • Potomac Horse Feve
    • Rabies
    • West Nile Encephalomyelitis

4. An annual dental prophylaxi in the fall including sedation and reversal of sedation.
5. A fecal exam will be performed at both the spring and fall visit. The fecal exam includes a parasite egg count and an evaluation for the presence of sand in the abdomen.
6.  Any additional services provided by our veterinarians are 10% off including but not limited to:

    • Additional Farm Calls
    • Emergency Fees
    • Additional Vaccinations
    • Lameness Evaluations
    • Radiographs
    • All Lab work including Coggins testing
    • Interstate Health Papers
    • Endoscopy
    • Reproductive Services
    • Surgery

NOTE:  Deworming products are not included in the Wellness Program so that our veterinarians may tailor a customized program for your horse(s).

Program Requirements and Restrictions

  • Enrollment deadline is February 28. Payment must be made in full at the time of enrollment.
  • All program fees are nonrefundable. In the unfortunate event of an enrolled horse's death, a credit for services yet to be rendered will be applied to your account.
  • If your horse is sold, the remaining services in the program will be honored to the new owner providing the horse stays within our service area.
  • Pregnant mares, mares with foals at their side, horses under 1 year of age, and horses over the age of 25 years are not eligible for the program.
  • If your horse should require additional sedation and/or more extensive dental work than would be considered routine by our doctor, there will be an extra charge at the time the dental prophylaxis is performed. The doctor will inform you of the extent of the additional dental work that is necessary prior to the dental or at the time of the spring physical.
  • The wellness programs may not be customized. The Plan is the minimum health care that Equine Medical veterinarians believe is necessary for the well being of your horse.
  • All services within the wellness programs must be provided by December 31. The enrolled horse is eligible for additional services discount until December 31.
  • All services must be paid at the time of service to be eligible for the 10% discount.
  • Horses must be at the same location in order to be eligible for the additional horse discount. If enrolled in this manner, they must be at the same location when services are performed or an additional farm call will be assessed.

Please contact Dixie for more information.  (616) 897-2615